Friday, November 11, 2016

In which Primo does another Really Sexy Thing that gets me all excited

You know how some women want wine, roses, and diamonds?

I am not that woman.

I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting wine, roses, and diamonds, but I don't drink (unless it's Bailey's cut with cream), I prefer tulips and ranunculus, and I don't wear much jewelry.

I like Getting Things Done With No Drama and Without Having To Pay A Repairman.

That's one of the reasons I married an engineer. They can fix things.

I don't swoon over conventional romance.

I swoon over household repairs. Remember when Primo slayed that dragon of a broken washer and a broken dryer?

Ten minutes ago, he walked out of the house announcing, "I am going to the hardware store to get the parts to fix the toilet."

It has been getting really hard to flush over the past few days and he is fixing it now. Now. NOW. Do you know how exciting it is for the person who is married to a procrastinator when the procrastinator takes steps to solve a problem now?

Very very very exciting.

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  1. OMG that picture is so hot. SO. HOT. I have often said that for me, the sexiest pictures of men are of them doing work (as opposed to those posed beefcake calendar pictures which seem to be aimed more at gay men than straight women). It can be an accountant crunching numbers or a guy weed-whacking, I don't care, if he's using his brain or his brawn it's hot.


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