Saturday, November 12, 2016

In which Primo is reminded that yes, indeed, the tree placed the apple exactly where it wanted it to be as the tree's siblings nodded approvingly

Saturday afternoon, as we are driving to my uncle's memorial fish fry. My sister, brother in law, and aunt are flying into [big city three hours from the fish fry] and driving to [the fish fry] together.
Primo: Where are Jennifer and Matthew staying?
Me: At Angie's.
Primo: Where is your aunt Mary staying?
Me: I don't know.
Primo: What if she's staying at your aunt Rita's?
Me: OK.
Primo: But then someone will have to drive her to [where aunt Rita lives]! That's an hour away!
Me: OK.
Primo: But what if she wants us to do it?
Me: I can promise you that she already has everything arranged. She would not fly from Colorado to [big city] and then drive to [fish fry] without a plan. You do not need to worry about surprise requests. [Engineers hate surprises.]
Primo: I know you are like that. I didn't know your aunt would be like that.
Me: We are ALL like that.

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16Mary Ann, Dana and 14 others
Amanda  Does he not know how the johnson genes work?!
UnlikeReply2August 2 at 3:08pm
Golddigger  Amanda, you would think he would. He has heard the story of my former boyfriend Ian meeting my mom, aunt Mary, and my sister. After Ian met everyone, he said, "Now I understand you. Not only did the apple not fall far from the tree, the tree placed the apple exactly where it wanted it."
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Matt  Perhaps you are looking at this from the wrong angle - what does that say about Primo's family?
LikeReplyAugust 2 at 6:56pm
Golddigger  Matt, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family with welcoming aunts, uncles, and cousins who have been nothing but lovely to my husband. 
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Mary Ann  Primo and everyone can stop worrying about me. I got there and back home. Thank you Jennifer  and Matthew  for the ride to and from [big city]. It helped me so much! I appreciate how good everyone is to me.
UnlikeReply2August 4 at 12:40am
Golddigger  Mary, we would have been happy to give you a ride. Primo just likes to know what's going on.  Which you know. 
LikeReplyAugust 4 at 6:23am
Mary Ann  Golddigger, I know you would have. I like to know all the details are covered, too, even when I don't need to worry about them. I get that!
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Here's what I wanted to say to my cousin Matt, who is not to be confused with my brother in law Matthew:

Yes! You have hit the nail on the head. This is not about our family at all but about Primo's horrible parents and brother Ted, who expected Primo to take care of them. 

What I was really saying here was not so much that I have a great family, which I do - Primo is always commenting how nice everyone is to him, even though their political and religious beliefs are pretty much 180 degrees opposite of his, but that Primo's parents were horrible to me.

But you don't write that in a public forum under your own name. That's tacky.

You write it anonymously on your blog. That's not tacky.


  1. You have a working link to your ex's facebook in there.

    1. Thanks. You guys take such good care of me!


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