Thursday, December 29, 2016


Do you guys remember the very bad job situation I was in a little more than two years ago? The bad CEO, Sergio, was mean to people in public. In my US office of nine people, four had quit in one year. If anyone dared complain about anything, like vacation - the HQ people, in a country outside of the US, got a lot more vacation than the US people, Sergio threatened the complainer.

He expected everyone to sacrifice for his vision and to do so without notice, i.e., we will all be working late tonight, surprise! the agenda was a lie!

He was really nasty to my boss. If he didn't like the answer Ben gave in a meeting, he would not politely question him but would excoriate him. I am OK with having to defend analysis and conclusions. I am not OK with being insulted or being told IN PUBLIC that if I am not doing the job, he will find someone who can.

Sergio spent tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, renovating the US office to make it open plan, even though everyone said they wanted more privacy, not less. Of course, he kept an office for himself. He can't be in open plan. It's for the little people.

Six months after the renovations were complete, in January 2016, he closed the US office. Fired everyone.

Two days ago, the CEO of the parent company for which Sergio works, announced that Sergio was "leaving to pursue other interests."

Sometimes, justice prevails.

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