Saturday, December 17, 2016

In which K and I agree there is no point to having good food at a political fundraiser

So you know how I was going to cook and read and watch TV today?

I also got to research how to repair dry wood rot in exterior window frames.

Thank you, previous owners of our 1928 house who did crap maintenance.

In other news, K came over to help Primo with campaign strategy.

We got on the subject of Roberto, the guy who wanted to revamp Primo's campaign strategy a week before the election but didn't want to deliver yard signs.

"There is always That Guy!" K laughed. "That guy is usually retired and sits around reading and listening to political stuff and he has figured out the secret to winning! Ask any campaign manager and she will tell you that That Guy is her worst nightmare."

I shook my head. "I wanted to tell Roberto either to donate some money or deliver yard signs but we were not going to discuss or change strategy at this point."

"There is this one guy who keeps his notes in a plastic bag," K said, "and he brings them with him to political events. And then he wants to talk about them. He pulls them out of the bag! But then he doesn't ever donate."

"I hate raising money," I said. "I never want to have another fundraiser at our house again. We discovered that we are really, really good at turning about $500 worth of wine into $150 in cash."

"That's how it usually goes," K said. "The Smiths had a fundraiser for Candidate X last week. They spent $1,500 on getting it catered and the food was really nice, but I kept telling them not to spend that kind of money. The candidate was telling them not to spend that kind of money - that he would rather they write him a check for $1,000 and have not as much food. All you need is a few bottles of wine, some cheese, and some fruit. Nobody expects fancy."

"If we ever do it again, it's Costco trays," I said. "I am never cooking for a fundraiser again."

She nodded. "The Smiths keep asking how much was raised. I have been hedging, telling them that yeah, pretty much as much as they spent, but really, it was only $750. I can't bear to tell them."

"Well, we will never host a fundraiser again," I said, looking at Primo, "but if we did, I think I would just make peanut butter sandwiches."

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