Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ch 1 We spend money to fly to Florida and Primo’s mom and dad don’t even pick us up at the airport

Me: What do you mean, we have to rent a car?

Primo: To get from the airport to my mom and dad’s.

Me: They aren’t going to pick us up?

Primo: No! It’s an hour drive!

Me: So? I had a two-hour layover in Denver once and my mom drove up from Colorado Springs just to hang out with me.

Primo: They don’t like to drive that long.

Me: So you have to pay to rent a car?

Primo: They think I am made of money.


  1. This wouldn't bother me. I hate being stuck at someone else's leisure when it comes to transportation and gladly rent a car even when visiting family.

    1. Yes, that makes sense. It has always been my experience with my mom that she would pick me up at the airport and then let me use her car, but if that were not an option, it would be hard.

  2. We used to borrow a car from my in-laws when we visited, but it turns out that they have difficulty understanding that when a small child is severely allergic to animal dander, that dander is just as much of a problem in the car as it is in the house. (They cleaned the car before we came, but then unnecessarily put the dog in the car later. I couldn't breathe, either, and I don't usually have trouble with dogs...that particular dog has really awful dander. These are the same in-laws, by the way, who have visited us exactly once since the 5yo was born - despite actually *being in our state* multiple times. There is a very long list of reasons why they couldn't come visit, including but not limited to "because it's hurricane season", "because a distant acquaintance's child is graduating high school", and "because I am going on a hunt next month".)

  3. This is TOTALLY a family culture issue. We always rent a car and don't think a thing about it. Any of our family would do the same. We both work every day and can't squire people about -and we expect their lives to be the same - so if we want a car, we get one.

  4. Sometimes we've taken public transit or a driver service, but only in circumstances where nothing else worked and it was acknowledged that this was not the first choice. For example, I used to fly on very odd days and at off peak times over the summer when I was off to get cheaper tickets, but my parents would be working, so I'd take the train home. Or when my son was very small and couldn't do the round trip to the airport without needing to stop and nurse they'd take a car to me.

    If someone was not working (or caring for a small child or a sick or elderly relative that couldn't be left alone) to not do the airport pick up would be very strange.


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