Sunday, December 21, 2014

In which Primo and I work on his campaign lit

Primo: I don't like this sentence:  "Infrastructure projects are seeds that grow a vibrant economy."

Me: No! Me neither. Seeds do not grow an economy. Seeds might grow into an economy, but seeds don't grow an economy.

Primo: What should I say instead?

Me: How about, "Infrastructure projects improve the economy?" [Yes, I know, boring as heck, but it is late on a Sunday evening, I have taken an imitrex for a headache, and I am trying to read the new Bill Bryson book about 1927. I am not at my best.]

Primo: Except the sentence before says, "Improving America’s economic climate ...."

Me: And you don't want to use "improve" again so soon.

Primo: Exactly.

Me: And you can't say, "investing in infrastructure projects."

Primo: Because I already use "invest."

Me: You could just say, "Spending on infrastructure projects."

Primo: Right! And then on the front of the piece, I can just write, "Tax and spend!"

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