Thursday, August 20, 2015

In which Primo asks Doris not to be drunk when he arrives and Doris is all offended because SHE DOES NOT HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM

Primo just got off the phone with Sly and Doris. He confirmed that Doris cannot get to the bathroom on her own. He asked Doris to not be drunk when he arrived and she said whaaaat? she is never drunk! Never!

Primo reminded her that she was drunk the past two times he went there and she said that whaaat? she did not remember that at all. I said Well she wouldn't would she?

Then Primo told Sly that his goal is that Sly and Doris will have hired help before Primo leaves. Sly protested that they didn't need no stinkin' help. And then he cited Ted's mother in law, who has daily help, at Ted's wife's insistence, as she could not keep flying to her mom's to help. "[Ted's wife's mom] doesn't even like the person who comes in to help!"

To which I said, That is fine they do not have to like whomever they hire. They don't even have to hire anyone. But they have to understand that you will no longer be flying there to help them with basic everyday tasks for which they are perfectly capable of hiring help.

Then Sly joked that he should just call Rent a Son. I told Primo he should call Rent a Father to find parents who actually have their lives in order.

Primo asked, But what if they disinherit me?

And I said, You are already not in the will and if they disinherit you or threaten to disinherit you again, then you can say, Fine. Have a nice life.

(Besides, they will drink all their money before they die, anyhow.)


  1. Curious how much Sly and Doris helped their own parents. Any idea?

    1. That's a great question! I will have to ask Primo. I have never heard him mention his parents helping his grandparents. His dad complained about even visiting Doris' parents when Primo was a kid because Doris' parents had not even attended college and were therefore beneath consideration.

  2. There was a woman I work with who is semi-retired--she had retired from a previous career and was working at the company part-time for fun money. I think all she does on her off-time is drink. She sounds like she drinks more than I did as a college student. I didn't realize alcoholism among retirees was A Thing until I lived in Arizona.


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