Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In which Ted insists that Primo, who is on vacation, participate in a conference call with him and Jack about the estate and refers to the "estates" of his mother and of his wife's mother, even though neither mother is dead so the situation is completely different

From Ted's email to Primo. While we are on vacation. A vacation that Primo really deserves after the past several months.

I could not make this stuff up. This was in the email from Ted:

 I couldn’t disagree more about your wish to postpone discussing estate-related matters prior to this weekend. Furthermore, emails are lectures, not discussions. What we need is a discussion. This is what Jack and I frequently do with our other half-brother about my mother’s estate and what [my wife] does with her sister about their mother’s. It’s perfectly normal. This email chain has become didactic and unidirectional. I know you’ve not enjoyed the deep pleasure of having big brothers until your 50th birthday; but better late than never!


  1. "didactic and unidirectional" So not only has Ted filmed actual brain surgery, but he knows ALL TEH BIG WORDZ! Wow!

  2. Per google definitions: estate: all the money and property owned by a particular person, especially at death.

    When someone is alive and in control of their faculties, the only discussions about their estate should be instigated by them and include only the people who they invite to discuss it.

    Didactic and unidirectional = you aren't letting me push you around.

    Go Primo!

  3. "Enjoyed" having brothers, eh? Pff. Better never than late, if it means "enjoyed having older brothers pretend that they know better than you even though you are clearly an adult and have been for over 30 years." Blech. He's not a child who needs older brothers to guide him (even if it's only in the brothers' estimation), but an adult who has lawyers to guide him.

    Listen to your friend: advise him that you can't advise him on the estate information and he should contact a lawyer. It's not YOUR will, and you can't change it just because Ted doesn't like it.

    Ted, grow up.

  4. My favorite part is, "Emails are lectures not discussions," like he thinks Primo has been lecturing him, not the other way around.

  5. Dear Ted,

    You punctilious ass. Welcome to the joys of having a brother who is an adult and doesn't give a fark how old you are and can do what he likes whether you like it or not.

    Love backatcha!

    - AC

  6. Primo's only refrain to Ted needs to be, 'I cannot discuss this with you. If you have questions, you need to find, retain, and call your own attorney.'

    Lather, rinse, repeat.


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