Monday, November 30, 2015

In which Reagan is shot and Ted says he is in charge

Ted is making us crazy. We are still on vacation but he has sent Primo and Jack an email with the agenda for a phone call this week.

1. We are still on vacation.
2. Even if we weren't, Primo would not want to talk to Ted.
3. The issues Ted wants to cover are irrelevant to Ted -
a. What's in the trust
b. What Sly wrote in 2005
c. What kind of expenses Primo can charge to the trust

I suggested to Primo that he tell Ted that if he wants to understand the will and the trust that he should consult a lawyer.

Ted also wants to talk about the disposition of the contents of the house. If he wants to be in charge of cleaning out the house and getting it ready for sale, he is welcome to it.

We. Are. On. Vacation.

Ted. Is. Not. In. Charge.


  1. I await the outcome of all this. Family can be bad enough. Add a will and it can become WW3. I do hope that Primo has bowed out of being in charge of the trust. Although I doubt that Ted will ever accept that Primo had nothing to do with this and can't change things.

    1. That's what I want him to do, too! There is way too much drama in all of this.

  2. Dear Ted,

    Please give me one good reason that this is so urgent that it must be handled while I am on vacation, and not immediately after my return. One. Just one that will definitively explain how such timing will make any significant difference to the outcome of anything. I'm waiting.


    - AC

    (Goldie, please please please tell me that Primo refused to interrupt his/your vacation for this and told Ted to shove it.)

  3. What Cat said!
    Nothing will get Ted's knickers in a knot more than being made irrelevant and/or ignored.

    1. I KNOW! That's what I told Primo - don't even acknowledge Ted's emails! It will make him NUTS!

  4. Ted I think sees himself as 'head' of the family now Sly is gone. He's wrangling for power.


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