Friday, January 8, 2016

In which Primo sends a check, a package, and an email to Ted and we wonder if Ted will be pissy or grateful that he has been paid for attending his own father's funeral

This is the email Primo sent to Ted today. How will Ted react?

From:         Primo
To:         Ted 
Date:         09/04/2015 08:04 AM 
Subject:         RE: Reimbursable FL travel costs: TDR 
A package is on its way to you (USPS tracking number 123 ). It should arrive tomorrow, although Priority Mail 2-day service is not guaranteed. Its most important contents are two small items, your check and what I believe is the correct bracelet for TedsWife. I also included several small items that may be of interest to you, a couple of pictures, a shirt for TedsChild and a cup that still has his name on it, and a few other things for TedsWife (Mom's Citizen Eco-Drive watch*, a silver anklet, and two other pieces of jewelry that are pretty even if they are not valuable).

I did not receive a response to my question about the $114.79 in airline fees that you paid. That amount isn't worth fighting over, so I went ahead and included it. I also rechecked all of the airfares; I came to exactly the same conclusions about prices for the IAD-JAX and JAX-ATL-IAD flights, but the IAD-ATL-SAV flights are a bit more expensive for the upcoming Fridays, with a price of $261.60 per ticket showing up more often than any lower fares (which exist for some of the dates but have very limited availability). Therefore, I added another $100 to the total. Here is the summary:

Air travel: $1582.00
$521.10 for IAD – JAX (5/30)
$161.60 for JAX – ATL – IAD (6/9)
$376.10 for IAD – JAX (6/20)
$523.20 for IAD – ATL – SAV (7/31) = $261.60 x 2 tickets
(Adjusted from prior amount of $211.60 x 2 tickets)
Airline fees: $114.79 (Not included in the previous total)
Car rental and gasoline: $463.69
Parking: $130.00
Dinners: $416.91
Total:  $2707.39 

Please understand that the total amount for your air travel ($1582.00 + $114.79 for five one-way flights) is more than generous. For comparison's sake, I have booked a total of 21 one-way flights  this year (including two trips in February and March before the final series of health crises began), and the total cost for those flights -- including a couple of change fees -- was $3572.10. I did most of my flying to/from Orlando to save money but have also been in and out of Jacksonville and Daytona Beach.

USPS will let me know when the package is delivered, but please confirm receipt of the items I mentioned above.


* This is the watch that Doris accused me of stealing. Had Primo and me tearing our house apart to find it after they were here for our wedding. She found it a year ago in the pocket of a sweater she had brought to our house - AND DID NOT BOTHER TO TELL US THAT SHE HAD FOUND IT.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see how big a hissy fit Ted throws over this...or maybe he'll act like a smug turd. That man seems destined to be cronicly unhappy about his treatment here.

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  3. Just so we are clear, this is NOT a hissy fit-worthy amount of money, at least not for people who feel like they are Kings Of Grammar.


    1. Oh Ted will find a way! After all, Primo is not giving him the $875 he wanted for each of the three frequent flyer mile tickets.

  4. I think this is $300 more than what Primo originally offered Ted...if Ted was smart, he would say THANK YOU and cash the cheque. However, I don't think Ted is very smart...

  5. Primo is a saint, I hope that he's also reimbursing himself for all his travel !

    1. Definitely! Primo's travel is actually a legitimate estate expense.

  6. I just don't understand why Ted thinks his wife should have Primo's mothers jewelry. It is too weird. And why would Sly ever have brought it up. Who is older Ted or Jack, I can't remember.

    1. Ted is older and way more jerky. I don't know why TedsWife should get the jewelry but I sure don't want it!

  7. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (Long time reader, first time comment) I really enjoy reading your blog. I don't remember how I first found you. I love your take on things and how you are able to be calming, supportive, and reasonable in the situations you describe at work and at home. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Lesa. I appreciate the kind words, although I don't always deserve them. I am not always calm and supportive! :)


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