Monday, January 4, 2016

In which Primo wants to bring home more of Doris' junk, part 345

Also, do you want this? It zips all the way around. [Stephanie's friend who is helping get ready for the garage sale] said that it's for a pie.

No, I do not want the zip thing


  1. Eww. I think the point is to put in a blob of pie dough, and then you zip it up and roll out the pie crust. Not exactly something you could wash effectively.

  2. It is for rolling out pie dough - I had one (though I almost never make pies...) and it just went out of the house in the semi-Great Purge of December 2015 :-)

    It's no more difficult to wash than a silicone baking sheet, really. But if you don't need it or want it.....


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