Saturday, January 9, 2016

In which Ted sends Primo an email that he got a package and an email and a text but has not opened any of them

Primo sent Ted a text last week to wish him happy birthday.

He sent him an email yesterday to tell him he was sending him a check and a package.

He sent him a package. As in, he went to the Post Office and stood in line and paid money to have someone deliver items that Ted wanted.

The items included the bracelet that TedsWife wants that Primo could not find for the longest time because he had never seen the bracelet and did not even know what he was looking for. He went to the jeweler where Sly bought stuff for Doris to ask about it. He looked through all the drawers. (I didn't think he should have bothered, the way Ted has been acting.)

He finally found a bracelet that he thought might be it and had to find a magnifying glass to read the clasp for the "14K" notation.

(Primo is not happy that he is losing his eagle eyes. Welcome to the club, my friend. I have been wearing glasses since fifth grade.)

Primo is being way nicer than Ted deserves.

And Ted cannot be bothered to read the text that Primo sent five days ago?


  1. Two guesses: 1) This is Ted's version of the Silent Treatment?
    2) Ted is in hospital and cannot communicate?
    Neither seems likely.

  2. No explanation for why he hasn't opened them? Passive-aggressive much?

  3. My guess: Ted hasn't immediately been able to find something wrong with Primo's actions and is waiting until he can so that he can respond with further indignation.

  4. Lauren, that sounds like the Ted we know and love so much.


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