Thursday, February 11, 2016

In which the accountant gives advice to Primo that will make Ted absolutely furious and I think, "Oh well"

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I had a good meeting with the accountant. He had a lot of useful advice (e.g., I should not create the individual trust accounts for the kids until after January 1, because if they exist before the end of the year tax returns will be required).
Ah - excellent!

He did not think it was nice of my parents to prohibit the trustee (related by blood or marriage) from receiving compensation. He said that I should have The Lawyer check on that provision again (to see if it is overridden by Florida law).

The meeting did not cost anything. (The guy was trying to earn my business for what will be multiple Florida trusts.)
I don't think it was nice, either.
Do you like the guy? Do you trust him?

I think so. My parents have been using this firm, and so has Jack. They also did the taxes for the restaurant business (which I don't have to worry about because it ended several years ago).

He said that I can throw out all of the documents from 2011 and prior years.

(Well, he advised me to shred them.)
before you leave FL!

But I don't have time to run everything through this little shredder. I don't know where to take stuff for shredding. At this point I will put stuff into a box or basket.

I've probably already put out some things for recycling that should have been shredded.
please don't bring it home

I wouldn't do that.

But the 2012-2014 documents will have to go home with me eventually.

Then we can get rid of one year's worth of documents each year.


  1. Settling an estate can be simple or complicated. This one with setting up 4 trusts should be done carefully no matter how long it takes. My mother's estate took about 2 months but there were few investments to deal with and no house and very few personal belongings. My mother-in-law's estate took 2 years but there was much more involved including what to do about the house. My husband and I have always looked at what we might get as found money. We get it/or not some time or another (never even knew what there was till they died). In the mean time we live our lives with what we know we have, not what we might get.

  2. Catherine from CanadaFriday, February 12, 2016

    There are companies that will shred for you, aren't there? Our storage place does it, and a few times a year, a disposable company sets up portable shredding stations in parking lots around town so you can go without an appointment. The shredded material is then recycled. This is supported by the city, trying to reduce landfill load.

  3. At certain locations, Fedex provides shredding services for 99 cents a pound of documents. Haven't tried it but it's an option. Probably too late by now as your posts aren't real-time I believe, but good to know for future reference.


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