Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In which Primo and I become the Hardy Boys. Or maybe Nancy Drew. I always wanted titian hair

Here is the deal with Sly's life insurance.

A couple of weeks ago, Ted sent an email to Primo asking Primo to call him to give him information about Sly's life insurance, as he had received a letter from the insurance company.

1. If all you want is information that goes onto a form, ask for it in writing.
2. Why on earth would an insurance company send the claim information to someone who is not the beneficiary or otherwise mentioned anywhere in insurance company documentation?

We know that #2 is the case because Primo looked.

Primo: I found old papers about the life insurance. It used to be my mom who was the beneficiary, before they set up the trust. In the mid-80s, it was my mom and "the children of my marriage to Doris Drunk."

Me: What? Your dad cut Ted and Jack out of his life insurance?

Primo: Well, he did give them a lot of money over the years.

Me: Not in the mid 80s! He wouldn't even pay for their college.

Primo: Maybe he thought they would get their stepfather's insurance.

Me: Maybe. As long as their stepfather also didn't leave everything directly TO HIS CHILDREN.

So the insurance company sent all the information about filing a claim to Ted and Ted wanted information from Primo so he could complete the forms (which ask for things like copies of the will and the trust, which Ted does not have, and information about the trustee, which Ted does not have, and copies of a power of attorney if someone besides the trustee is doing this stuff, which Ted does not have because TED IS NOT THE TRUSTEE AND PRIMO IS AND PRIMO HAS NOT GIVEN POA TO TED).

And Primo said something to Ted about how it was not appropriate for Ted to call the insurance company and Ted got all indignant and said HE DIDN'T CALL HOW DARE PRIMO ACCUSE HIM which is when Primo apologized and Ted sent the email saying Primo couldn't even offend him because Primo was punching way above his weight and was so nasty and vile that Primo finally said "Ya basta" and sent everything to The Lawyer, saying, "I don't want to deal with this jerk any more."

And then Primo and I took a walk and were trying to figure out why the insurance company would have sent something to Ted if he didn't call them.

"Maybe the Social Security Administration notified the insurance company that my dad had died?" Primo asked.

"They can't even stop paying dead people on their own rolls," I said. "They are not notifying life insurance companies about deaths."

We pondered and pondered and none of it made sense. Ted is not the trustee. He is not the beneficiary. He is not the executor. Why would the insurance company have mailed him any documentation?

And, when they did, why did Ted not just forward it to Primo?

We finally decided that there is a strong possibility that Ted is lying.

Primo and I are both curious enough that he is going to call the insurance company and figure this out.


  1. "We finally decided that there is a strong possibility that Ted is lying."

    Yeah, I'd like to put all my money on this answer.

    1. I can't see anybody betting against you.

  2. Ted, lying? Ya think?
    He lies like a rug!

  3. I am very interested to see what Primo found out. Insurance companies only know what you tell them. But I want to know how Ted even knew who to contact? Hey, we all know Ted was trying to do an end run around Primo. But I wonder how he thought he would get away with it? Take the information from Primo and forge documents so it looked like he was the one to get the money? Of course did he even know that he wasn't named as a beneficiary? This just gets better and better.
    I find people's behaviors fascinating but sometimes I wonder how delusional they have to be to think they are going to get away with the things they try to do?

  4. I strongly suspect Ted must have called them, too. At this stage, it would not surprise me if he had been trying to get a payment from the insurance.

    I also strongly suspect that Ted has been 'living on his expectations' and was relying on an inheritance to bail him out of serious money problems.

    This must have been awful to live through. Hope things are a lot better now.

  5. I suspect any time Ted spent alone with Sly was used for asking sneaky Ted questions and I suspect Sly played along and told him what he wanted to hear. Who knows what was said and heard, combine that with Ted's natural stupidity and there ya go.

    1. Omg. Natural stupidity. Rotfl

  6. I strongly suspect that Sly led Ted on, much like he led Primo on. Sly relished being in a position of power and jerking people around. I have no doubts that he would have told Ted, 'Oh, don't worry, you'll inherit a lot from me when I die,' and he may even have intended to alter his will, but he didn't.

    Ted was colossally stupid for having counted on money he didn't have guaranteed, but I'd guess that's at the root of this. He doesn't believe Primo that this is what the will/trust says because it's not what Sly told him he intended.

  7. Oh, I assumed that Ted was lying because I could have sworn that you said that the insurance company told Primo he'd called when he first contacted them to ask why the forms had been sent to Ted, which is what prompted Primo to send Ted an e-mail telling him that he was completely out of line.

    I figure Ted's basically pissed at this point that Primo isn't just falling for "hey send me the info" and is actually doing his due diligence to make sure that he's doing his job right as executor of the estate. Much harder to do any kind of endrun around Primo if he's not just doing whatever Ted asks for.

    By the way, I am willing to bet a moderate amount that half of what you're being told by Ted about what's happening with TW's mom and her stuff is a thin tissue of lies. So he tells you "They pay for all of our stuff, they never give us these kinds of issues" meanwhile, they give him/them exactly these kinds of issues and he tells them "There aren't any of these kinds of issues with my dad's estate!"

    - AC

  8. I'm embarrassed that I had to look up "titian hair."

  9. I'm betting that Ted never received such forms but wanted a copy of those documents for his own nefarious purposes.

    By nefarious purposes, I mean he wants to go to court to contest the will, but since he knows SO MUCH ABOUT ALL THE THINGS he's not going to actually pay an attorney so he wants the documents so he can use Google and LegalZoom to figure out a strategy and bring it to court.

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