Sunday, February 7, 2016

In which Primo wonders about how to dispose of a carton of porn

Primo: The box of dirty books is still there.

Me: Oh.

Primo: I can't think of any place to donate porn.

Me: Me, neither.

Primo: But most of them are paperbacks. I guess I can put them in the recycling.

Me: That sounds good.

Primo: One of the recurring themes in the sex diary is about those books. They would get started by sitting around drinking brandy and reading dirty books. Some of the dirty books had photos of gay sex.

Me: They bought gay porn?

Primo: There were some gay porn magazines.

Me: Why would you buy gay porn if you're straight? Do gay people buy straight porn?

Primo: A lot of people are bisexual.

Me: Was your dad bisexual?

Primo: I think the appropriate term for someone who may not engage in bisexual activity but might like to look at it is bi-curious.

Me: What did your mom think about this? I am guessing this was gay men porn?

Primo: There might have been some gay women porn.

Me: I bet that would have been for your dad. I bet the only porn your mom would have wanted to see would have been of a man being nice to a woman, like making dinner for her.

Primo: I have no idea if my mom actually enjoyed this stuff or just went along with my dad to keep him happy.

Me: She wouldn't have been keeping him happy. She would have been keeping him from getting angry and hurting her.


  1. I suppose sending it to Ted would be childish...

    1. Ted is the logical heir for this sort of thing...


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