Friday, February 12, 2016

In which I am a dog in a manger

This is how tacky and mean I can be. And vengeful. I don't want Doris' silver - I don't Do Silver unless I can sell it. I don't polish. I am done with all that. Too much work. Instead, I cook really good food when our friends come over.

But - I don't want Ted'sWife to have it, either. Miss "Oh isn't it soooo great that Primo is taking this year off so he can take care of his father* and that you guys aren't financially strapped so his not making any money isn't an issue for you."

I wanted to slap her.

Yeah, I am a little bit cranky about that still.

7 hours ago

Do you care at all about the sterling silver flatware?

If you don't care at all, I don't really care. I could send it to Ted'sWife in lieu of the piece of jewelry that she and Ted think she should be getting.
2 minutes ago
No.I don't care about silver. However, I would rather sell it and you and I go out to a nice dinner than Ted and Ted'sWife have it, given how they have acted.

* Not that I think Ted should have felt any responsibility to Sly after the way Sly abandoned him and Jack when they were little.


  1. Especially since we all know Ted's wife will melt it down for the cash.

  2. You can always put it on Ebay or consign it to an Auction house (Leslie Hindman is in Florida). They do all of the work and split the proceeds usually. I enjoy your blog!

  3. Replies
    1. While not my personal style, I don't find it nearly as "hideous" as it could be, considering the things we know about Sly & Doris, the knick knacks and the cat clothing....

  4. Truly not a pretty pattern. Don't suppost Jack's daughter would like to have it...

    Take it and sell it.

  5. I vote for the really nice dinner. If there are enough place settings, I vote for a really nice dinner in Paris.

  6. I love sterling, and value my family sterling flatware. I really, really do not care for that very unappealing 1970s pattern.

  7. At least it isn't silver plate!

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  9. Silver flatware = NO.
    Give to TedsWife = NO.

    Dinner for you and Primo = YES!

  10. I hardly think that's tacky or guys have earned it! All the dirty work and nothing but headaches from Ted. How much you want to bet if you did give them the silver, they'd claim the value wasn't high enough to count as replacement for the jewelry?

    1. The oh so valuable diamond bracelet that Doris wore with her old t-shirts with kittens on the front? That bracelet? Yeah. You're right!


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