Thursday, February 18, 2016

In which Primo ships the silver to Ted and Ted'sWife to get them to shut up even though we know that won't work

Primo: I sent my mom's silver to Ted and Ted'sWife.

Me: The sooner they are out of our lives, the better.

Primo: Yeah. I figured that maybe getting something valuable would shut them up. Ted'sWife was upset about not getting the family silver, so now she has some. Or she can sell it. You know - to make up for the expensive bracelet she is not getting.

Me: I want these people gone.


  1. That was very nice. It is unfortunate that it probably won't make a difference. People who insist on only looking at the negative and taking offense at everything are rarely grateful for anything.

  2. If you keep doing this Primo, next thing you know they'll be taking Poland.

  3. Agree with Libby and Wendy; not only will this not placate them, all it does is leave Primo open to a lawsuit, since everything should have been liquidated and distributed to the estate as the will specified.

    Luckily for Primo, Ted's the only one who is a big enough jerk to sue.

    The only way to get some people to recognize boundaries is to actually stick to them, no matter what.

  4. Did he enclose a note? "Stick a fork in it, 'cause I'm done with you!"

  5. I agree with other commenters; depending on the provisions of the will vis a vis the trust, Primo probably should have sold the silver and kept the money to be invested in the trusts.

    I get that Primo is basically giving in to Ted in the hopes of shutting him up, but (a) that's not going to work and (b) he's doing that at the expense of Maria and her brother.


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