Monday, April 4, 2016

In which the catalogs will not. stop. coming.

1. The Democrats sent another survey to Sly. I had already sent the first one back with a note saying, "deceased - remove from list." So they sent a second request. This does not give me a good impression of their expectations of who votes.

2. I had told one catalog - no. I have told many catalogs to stop sending mail to our address. They decided that even though Primo put Sly and Doris on the Deceased Do Not Contact list, they would just send their catalogs to our house, along with the mail Primo had to forward from his mom and dad's, i.e., the electricity bill.

I told this one place (should I name and shame? Yes! I will) - I told Music and Menus to stop sending catalogs to Doris at Primo's and my address - that she died in May.

What do they do?

Send a catalog to Primo.

I wrote,

Hi - Please remove Primo from your mailing list and do not add anyone from this mailing address to your list. Isn't it bad enough that I am having to stop all my deceased inlaws' mail from coming to my house? Now you are sending it to my husband instead? STOP, PLEASE. WE DO NOT BUY STUFF. You are wasting your money.


  1. OMG! I'm fighting the same battle here. We bought our house from a retired couple and when we first moved here they got 10 catalogs a day. I would take them to work and call, call, call to cancel. Had a good few months now they are all coming again but to my name. I swear they figured out who lived at their old address and just resent them. The last straw was an Alfred Dunner catalog! To me! The nerve!!

    Someone in your comments mentioned and I signed up and have been logging them in as they come. Hopefully soon the onslaught will stop again.

  2. do try it should help a lot.

  3. I wish you well but after my experience with my deceased parents, I'm not optimistic for you. My mom died in 2005 and I still get old-lady catalogs (selling orthopedic shoes, decorative crap, and Alfred Dunner pants) regularly for her. I occasionally get a piece of mail for my dad, who died 19 years ago (and he never even lived with us).


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