Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In which I find a reminder that Ted is just a Just Stay Classy! kind of guy

You guys, I am going through old emails to get detailed material for my book. I found this one from several years ago.

Primo wrote to Ted that we were going to the Apostle Islands.

Ted wrote back, have fun with the Apostles. I don't believe in them and their writings were clearly cobbled together by monastic masturbators. Dad will know more about that than I.


  1. Wow. I will never understand people who go immediately to the negative no matter what the subject.

  2. Why does his dad know more about self-pleasuring monks than Ted? Did Sly film them once?

    1. Probably. And then tried to get Doris to watch it with him and berated her when she wasn't into that sort of thing.


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