Saturday, December 10, 2016

In which I attend the political BBQ with Primo and have a good time, even though I have to roll my eyes at some of the things that are said

Primo spoke for five minutes, which is four minutes longer than I recommended, but he was good! He has gotten a lot better at public speaking. When we met, he was an occasional reader in church. He would clutch the lectern, sway side to side, and never lift his eyes from the text.

Now he looks at the crowd, smiles, and takes cues - when they clapped, he stopped talking rather than forging on because you know - that was THE SPEECH and he had to KEEP TALKING.

Do you guys know how amazing this is for an engineer who hates scope creep and STICKS TO THE PLAN NO MATTER WHAT?

(As in, when he was looking through the boxes in the basement for his electric shaver, we came across some tapered-leg jeans - I know, I know - and I suggested that he put them in the Goodwill box and he was horrified at the suggestion that he deviate from the plan of finding the shaver because that was not the mission.

However, when I define the mission, as in Let's Leave Now So We Are Not Late For Whatever, he thinks it's absolutely required - that part of the mission - is doing dishes before we leave.)

Where was I?

Our friend J was there. J has run for office. I like him. We agree on some things, don't agree on other things. K from the ACLU was there. Again, I like her a lot. We agree on a lot of things - she thought the 8th grade trip to Denmark was as ridiculous as I do - and we had a good time.

Primo gave his speech. People liked it. He was a million times better than the field organizer the party sent out. This kid was boring boring boring and would not shut up. He was talking about administrative and policy stuff. I was texting Primo that this guy was talking too long and this is what I meant by keeping it short, but Primo was a million times better than the field organizer.

Then the guy who is running for Congress (the seat Primo ran for two years ago) spoke and he was fabulous. He is an accomplished public speaker - he is a small business owner who has been doing political advocacy for years, so he is very experienced. I was glad Primo did not have to go after this guy.

I ate. The food was good because it was all homemade and not the usual Costco tray crap people usually serve. (Although having cooked for one fundraiser, I will never do it again because it is just way too much work, so I get it.) I met people and chatted politely and was the good Candidate's Wife. And then I went home - it was only a mile from our house, so I walked - and Primo stayed and that was fine. The end.

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