Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In which some random guy emails, messages, and then calls Primo to ask him what he is doing on his campaign and we wonder if Ted has moved here to haunt us

Primo: This is weird. There's this guy who's really into politics. I've only met him once or twice.

Me: OK.

Primo: He emailed me this long email asking really detailed questions, like how many doors I've done and how much money I've raised.

Me: Why?

Primo: I don't know.

Me: Has he donated to your campaign?

Primo: No. If he had given money, I might feel a little more like sharing information, but he has not donated or asked to volunteer or anything.

Me: Then that's just weird.

Primo: It gets weirder. He sent me that long email and then just a few minutes later, sent me a facebook message asking if I had read his email!

Me: What!? Is he Ted? Is it Ted demanding money?

Primo: I know! The message was just minutes after the email!

Me: Why does he think he can demand information? He doesn't even know you!

Primo: I know! That was yesterday. I didn't answer so he called me and left a voicemail today!

Me: That is obnoxious.

Primo: I know.

Me: It's like he is going to the Ted School of Negotiation.

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  1. Teds are legion.

    I once worked with someone who left me a note in my mail cubby, then (wile I was walking in the door! Coffee in hand! Still not awake!) told me that he'd left a note in my mail cubby. Then told me what it was about. Then cruised by while I was still starting up the computers and opening the office to ask if I'd read the note. You wouldn't think someone with dreadlocks down to his butt could be so uptight, but he was a Ted, for sure.


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