Saturday, December 10, 2016

In which I try to explain the plot of a TV show to Primo and he wants to argue about how they are breaking the law

Me: I found this show "Younger" that you can watch online. I watched a few episodes. The premise is that this 40 year old woman is pretending to be 26 so she can get a job.

Primo: Why can't she get a job as a forty year old?

Me: Because she has been out of the workforce for 15 years, raising her daughter. But her husband had an affair and gambled away all their money, so she has to go back to work.

Primo: Why can't she get a job?

Me: Because she was in publishing and when she interviews, they tell her that she's too old - that the world has changed too much since she was working.

Primo: But that's illegal!

Me: I know. But --

Primo: They can't do that!

Me: I know, but --

Primo: Can't she sue somebody?

Me: Could we please just accept that this is the premise of the show and not argue about what should be, please?

Primo: OK.


  1. In our house that's called TV land. The place with it's own rules that have little to no basis in our reality.

    1. Catherine from CanadaMonday, December 12, 2016

      Where all the towns have names like Pine Valley.

    2. And Stars Hollow.

  2. Like this?

  3. Sounds like my husband (engineer also). Don't even get him started when we watch Scorpion, I have to remind him to just enjoy for the entertainment value.

    1. except it's my husband reminding me. As I told him last night I've seen sci-fi that seemed more realistic.

  4. Hahaha. As a woman attempting to reenter the corporate world after taking time with kids and out of country, let me assure Primo ageism is quite evident ( and quantifiable). Just like allowed the other illegal -isms that white males of a certain age don't see.

  5. Phrase frequently overheard in front of our tv: "willingly suspend your disbelief."

  6. This happens a lot in my life. A. Lot. I have many military people in my world and watching The Last Ship, which I do not watch for its military accuracy and faithful reproduction of details, is a nightmare. Does no one understand the concept of McSteamy as a Naval officer and hero? Does no one understand that's all there is? NO ONE?


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