Thursday, September 25, 2014

In which a friend emails me about Primo's candidacy

I can’t believe Primo is going to take on [his opponent].  After Primo’s last election run (that you said was so much work and so time-consuming), it seems like an awful lot of effort to go through for this particular seat.  Not to be overly negative, but there is no way Primo will beat a well-known and well-liked PD incumbent in a heavily-PD leaning district.  

Aren’t you more than a little concerned that he is going to spend months of his time (likely months of your time too?) in what is likely to turn out to be a futile effort?  If the Stripes want him to run for something, isn’t there some other office he could run for where his chances of winning would be better than slim to none?  

Also, I’m confused…..I thought the congressional rep for our area (at least for me) is Alberta Gore??  Now THERE is a perfect example of an embarrassing Stripe. I’d vote for Primo in a primary over Gore in a heartbeat if he challenged her (I can’t stand her).  I’d even vote for Primo  against a PD if he could unseat Gore.  You and I must be in different congressional districts if your rep is [Primo's opponent].
The answers to these questions are all, "Yes, you are absolutely right and this is insane."


  1. Sadly, when the political bug bites, it seems to be nearly fatal - perhaps in more ways than one. All you can do is hang on. Feeling your pain!

    1. I keep asking him if he wouldn't rather have an affair or buy a fancy car.


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