Sunday, September 21, 2014

In which Sly threatens once again to disinherit Primo and I go yeah well what else is new?

Primo didn't get to call Sly and Doris until after the drinking had started today. He was at a political event this afternoon - a football-watching party with the Teamsters - and wasn't home until after 3 p.m. our time, which is when they start drinking. Sly and Doris, not the Teamsters. I don't know about the teamsters.

Sly and Doris are upset with Primo and with me because I am taking him away from them and because he will not take control of our relationship and get me in line, which is fine fine talk from ultra-lefty and, one would assume, feminist Sly.

"My mom is not doing well. My dad says that she is hardly eating and gets most of her calories from alcohol and that she has the runs all the time."

"That's dangerous," I said.

He nodded. "I am really worried about her. It looks like she'll go first. But then what do we do with my dad?"

"Maybe we bring him up here to live with us," I joked.

Sly gave instructions to Primo that he is to get me in line and repair the relationship. Sly, apparently, is "hurt" that I do not have a relationship with them and that even though I write letters to Doris, I don't even acknowledge Sly exists. He is also upset that I do not visit them with Primo.

"Which makes no sense," Primo says, "because if you were with me, they would not have me all to themselves."

"He doesn't even like me," I said. "Why does he want me there?"

"So he can criticize you."

"Am I a bad person for not wanting to go there to be criticized?"

Primo shook his head.

I ask you, reader. Am I a bad person for not wanting to visit Sly and Doris just so Sly can beat me up?


  1. Nope you are a sensible and aware person.
    I have nothing to do with one of my sisters, I think she is related to Sly and Doris . . .
    Taking care of yourself is a good thing and I think Primo knows this is what you are doing.

  2. Sly is all by his lonely self on this one.

  3. Thank you guys. It helps to know I have people on my side!

  4. I have a brother that the rest of my family and I have nothing to do with. He is an egomaniac who is toxic to the happiness of everyone who shows him any kindness. So you are NOT a bad person!

    1. I never knew how lucky I was with my family until I met Primo's family. And now I hear other stories like yours and it makes me sad that people have to have relationships like this. Sounds like you have made the right decision about your brother, though.


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