Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In which Primo states the obvious

Me: If your mom were dead, I would tell your dad to go f*** himself.

Primo: Oh I'm sure it would not be the first time someone has told him that.

PS Is there really any reason not to spell the entire word? Isn't it a little precious to substitute asterisks? We all know what I said. I said the actual word. What fiction am I trying to maintain, anyhow? That I am so refined that I never cuss? I try not to - I think it is vulgar - but sometimes, it is the only thing to do.


  1. One reason is so that this blog won’t turn up in a search on the full word.

  2. Somehow saying it seems more 'oops! I said a bad word' than writing it ... when clearly one could change it. In this case it was appropriate.

  3. Your FIL is a big poopy noggin.
    Insert swear words of your choice.

  4. I prefer the asterisked version... Seeing obscenities spelt out in full makes me uncomfortable and a little sad, to be honest! Go the ****.


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