Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More stupid Sly stuff and Doris is still in the hospital

1. Did I tell you they thought Doris might have broken some vertebrae? As in, Sly might have broken her back?

Turns out there was no damage, but her knee is pretty bad. She is in the hospital and will go to a rehab center in a few days. Primo spent two days touring the places the hospital suggested and said that Doris agrees with his choices. (I am thinking she is not exactly in a position to be choosy, but whatever.)(If I were Doris, I would be so excited at the prospect of six weeks away from Sly and at the prospect of someone else preparing my food and maybe meeting some nice people and not being criticized all the time.)

2. Sly admitted to Primo that I am not, after all, a golddigger.

"But I am still that c*** who tries to steal your love from him, right?" I asked.

Primo laughed. "Yes."

3. Primo and Sly had to warn the hospital that alcohol withdrawal might be an issue with Doris. Hospital wanted Primo or Sly to spend the night in Doris' room after that announcement and Primo was all, "But why?"

I'm with Primo. My mom, my sister, and I took turns spending the night in the room with my dad when he was first in the hospital. Not comfortable - it was just in a chair - but my dad had gained about 40 lbs of water weight, we still didn't have a diagnosis, thanks to Christmas and an ice storm in Germany where his tests were done (he was medevaced from the base hospital in Sicily to the military hospital in Germany and then to the US), and my dad was in awful pain. We were all scared to death and so upset that we did not want my dad to be alone.

My dad was not going through alcohol withdrawal. Say what you want, but alcoholism is not a disease the way cancer is. If my dad could have stopped his cancer by not drinking, he would have. Anyone would.


  1. I am an addiction counselor and I enjoy following this story but I have to correct you - alcoholism is a physical disease, very much like some cancers and definitely like other physical illnesses. It may be self-inflicted but would you abandon a heavy smoker if they were in critical condition with copd? Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal.

  2. They can medically manage the withdrawal at the hospital. Valium is often used, and works well. And, they are more qualified to manage that than your husband or father-in-law. Shaking head.


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