Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In which Doris is, indeed, full of it

  • Primo

    I'm all "Woooo!" again. My dad is at the doctor with Maria and that's going OK, but I called to check on my mom and there is a new problem. She has some abdominal pain with distention and they are taking X-rays. I'm afraid that she may have to go back to the hospital, and I'm afraid that if she goes there she will never make it out.
  • 10:28am

    oh no frown emoticon
  • 10:28am

    So we don't know what's wrong. I cannot relax and enjoy my birthday.
  • 10:29am

    I am sorry

    I am guessing the obvious - that she is constipated?
  • 10:31am

    I don't know. I talked to the nurse (because she didn't answer the phone), not to her.


My mom's abdominal issue was a blockage of poop in her intestine. She was about to have an enema when Maria and my dad left there

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  1. This reminds me of a story...
    My husband and I had an older cat, that we kept after my mom passed away. This cat was the sweetest, gentlest, most loving cat you could possibly imagine, and just *adored* my husband to pieces, a feeling that my husband returned in full measure.

    Because of Reasons, Kitty was not in as good of health as he could have been, which we didn't find out for awhile. One night we had to rush him to veterinary ER, life or death situation, and when he got home, my very anxious husband worried about him constantly. One day, he tells me he was rubbing Kitty's belly and discovered some mysterious lumps, would I come check? After palpitating Kitty's tummy, I turned to my spouse and said "Husband, those lumps are poop. You are feeling up Kitty's poop. You really need to stop worrying so much."


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