Sunday, September 20, 2015

In which Primo brings me peaches

Sly and Doris are finally paying Primo's travel expenses. (I think they should give him a daily stipend as well - his time is worth something and damn, if they had to pay someone else for everything he is doing, it would cost $20 an hour. Plus I should be compensated for loss of consortium and loss of person to do the dishes and the laundry and the loss of person to clean the bathroom and do the vacuuming.) Yet Primo continues to knock himself out to save them money.

As in, he drove six hours to the Atlanta airport because it was cheaper for the car that way.

I asked why he even cared about saving his dad the money. It's not like his parents are indigent - far from it - they have the money to buy a case of bourbon (maybe a slight exaggeration) every week and to pay a maid and a gardener and to have cable and internet and all kinds of things that some people would consider luxury.

I do not begrudge his parents these things. It is their money and they get to decide how to spend it.

It's just that I don't think that Primo should twist himself in knots to save them money. If they can afford the other things, they can afford an extra $100 for car rental.

But Primo loves to get a deal and this somehow worked for him, at least in theory - he likes driving and he especially likes driving back roads and, now that I think about it, it gave him an excuse to leave their house six hours early.

The good news is that he did get to have a nice drive.

The bad news is that he got a nice drive only until he hit the Atlanta freeway and it took an hour longer than he thought because there was construction and he barely made the plane.

The really good news is that he stopped at a farm stand for okra and they also had peaches.

He should have framed it as, "I stopped to get peaches for you!" instead of "I stopped for okra and noticed they had peaches," but bless his engineer heart, he is not a dissembler. That is a good thing.

And now I have peaches. In May.


  1. You should always plan on road construction and traffic jams in Atlanta.

  2. I know, right? It's like you should almost always count on being stuck overnight in the ATL with nothing but the cheap t-shirt and nasty toothbrush that Delta gives you in its "It's our fault you are stuck here" packet and you should always take an extra pair of underwear because instead of getting home Sunday night, you are getting home Monday morning and will have to go straight to work. In the clothes you have been wearing since Friday because you carried on your luggage and don't have a lot of stuff. The clothes you thought you would throw in the laundry as soon as you got home on Sunday.


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