Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In which Primo gets a phone call from Mayo about Sly needing to return to the clinic only Primo is at home and Sly is on the road

Mayo called Primo. "Tell Sly he needs to come back - we need to do another test."

Primo: I am not with him. I am in [a state not where Sly is]. Why are you calling me?

Mayo: Because this is the number he gave us.

Primo: What?

Mayo: This is the number he gave us.

Primo: He didn't give you his cell number?

Mayo: We thought this was it.

So then Primo had to call his niece, Maria the beautiful sweet girl, who had driven Sly to the clinic, because he could not reach Sly, because Sly did not have his cellphone turned on.

Because cellphones are of the devil, I suppose, or something like that. Because the world is supposed to read Sly's mind. I don't know what.

Related note: My brother in law gave my mom an iPhone and put her on his plane. This is a good thing - Primo and I have been begging my mom to get a cellphone for years, but she didn't want one. Instead, when her car broke down in northeast New Mexico as she was driving from Colorado Springs to Austin, she called me from someone else's cellphone and left a message to call her back on that number.

She did not tell me that she was fine, that it was a minor breakdown, that there was no need to worry. Just that 1. her car had broken down 2. in the middle of nowhere and 3. to call her.

Which I did, panicked, because my mother is not a phone caller. (Thank goodness.)(Neither am I.)

And it was just that she wanted me to call my brother to tell him she would be a day late, which is information she could have left in the message.

But at least now she has her own cellphone.

Except she has learned to text.

But that's another story.

And really, if Sly and Doris have done anything for me, it has been to make me so, so, so grateful and make me realize how truly lucky I was and am with my parents. I had no idea.

Primo has to call Maria, whose phone is turned on, to deliver the message from Mayo. It is an hour from Mayo to Sly's house and Maria almost had Sly home but had to turn around.

Well done, Sly! It's not like anyone else's time is important!


  1. ... and your reporting of Sly and Doris's behaviour has caused me to be more appreciative of MY parents! And, more understanding of my Grandmother. Who I used to think was difficult. Not so much! Thank you, Goldie!

    1. You are welcome, Kat. I am here to serve. :)


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