Monday, October 12, 2015

In which hell freezes over

I picked Primo up at the airport. I was a few minutes late because his flight was 20 minutes early and the early arrival was not posted on in time for me to leave that much earlier. Primo was a little cranky but I informed him that I have spent years of my life waiting for him so turnaround is fair play.

Then he played the, "But my mom just died" card. He won.

Next time a parent dies, I will make sure I am early picking him up.

On the ride home, he told me about the trip and that Ted was driving him crazy by being Ted but that Ted certainly never meant anything personal in his attacks on me when we were talking about Teddy Kennedy and Chappaquiddick.

"It's just politics," Primo argued. "It's not personally at all."

"Yeah, well, when someone is accusing me of having a 'kindergarten-level understanding' of the issue, it's hard not to take it personally," I retorted.

"Ted said nice things about you a lot, especially when my dad kept telling me I had bad taste in women."

"Uh huh," I said.

"He DID!" Primo insisted.

He paused. "Today, he said to Ted and me that he had been 'parsimonious' in his 'I love yous.'"

"Sounds like he has been reflecting on his life," I answered.

"I think so. Because guess what else he said?"


"He has never said this before."


"He said to give you his best. And he said it twice, not just once."

I said nothing.

"I think he might want to have a relationship with you!"

I answered. "If that happens, that will be one of the biggest plot twists I could ever imagine for my blog."


  1. Ummm.....Say wut now?!?
    Super twisty indeed.

    Did you guys take this gentleman in?

    1. I bet that's what he was angling for!

    2. Except, Unknown, then he would have to live with the Bad Bacon Eater who does not offer oatmeal.

  2. After my father had open heart surgery, he became a much softer person, cried easily, regretted he had never said "I love you," to us kids. It happens. Also, notice how, like Doris, Sly, when forced to be sober, actually can show some decent human traits. Wondering how this turns out! This may be all said and done by now but I still wouldn't let him live with me unless he goes into a long-term rehab first!

    1. Anon, he would have to be struck on the road to Damascus and then hold it for a long time before I would believe.


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