Friday, October 16, 2015

In which Primo cannot enjoy ONE DAY of peace without Sly's drama intruding

Primo has been home for a few days. The first day, he spent sleeping late and catching up on his mail and cutting the grass.

The next two days, he spent at the state party convention.

Today, Sunday, was supposed to be a day of sleeping late, doing nothing, and resting.

And it was.

Until 10:15 a.m., when Primo got out of bed, where we had been sitting with the cats, who were sooooo happy to have Primo home, because he lets them sleep with us at night and I do not, and checked his voicemail.

There was a message from Ted, who has been there a week.

Remember, Primo has been dealing with the Sly drama since December (it is early June now).

Ted has been there one week.

There was a voicemail. They moved Sly to rehab yesterday. This morning, Sly decided he does not like the rehab place - "It's a hellhole and the food is awful!" - so Ted has called Primo.

He wants Primo to solve this problem.

Primo is over one thousand miles away.


What the H is wrong with Ted that he cannot deal with ONE LITTLE PROBLEM?

Here is how Ted should solve the problem:

"Dad, I am sorry you don't like this place. We cannot move you today because it's Sunday. Tomorrow, I will check with the other place."

You don't solve the problem by calling your half brother who is 1,500 miles away.

Primo is super cranky and I don't blame him.

I asked him if he wanted some cheese.

He called Ted and Ted kept saying, "Wait! Someone just came into the room!"

What does Ted want Primo to do? Fly down there RIGHT NOW and get Sly something for lunch?

We have had 45 minutes of drama with Primo trying to talk to Ted and calling the other rehab place that Sly liked which of course does not have anyone in the admissions department because it is Sunday and Ted not giving Primo an answer.

"My mom was in a rehab center for weeks and she did not whine the way my dad is!" Primo said.


  1. It was probably a vacation for Doris to be in rehab.

    1. Bobble, that's what I thought, too! She didn't have to be around Sly and he wasn't getting cranky at her for not making dinner (because of course he couldn't make dinner - he was retired!) and he wasn't yelling at her.

  2. Ted's behavior is type that makes me wonder how they live their every day life. How do they make decisions?

    1. Liz, I do not know. But he and his wife are not, I do not think, financially stable. So I think they make decisions badly.

  3. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Man up, Ted! You can do it!
    I hope Primo gets a week at home with you with nothing more onerous to do than nap on the couch and mow the grass.

  4. I think the term "Throwing the cheese" has entered my vocabulary.

    1. That's hilarious! I just told that to Primo.


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