Sunday, October 11, 2015

In which Ted and Jack have all these ideas about Sly that they want Primo to implement

Ted and Jack: Dad should move into assisted living! He should never go back to the house!

Primo: Yeah, not a bad idea. But he wants to go back home.

Ted and Jack: OK! You can figure it out! You handle it! Bye!

Primo: Wait! I've been here almost six weeks! I'm exhausted! And I took four other trips down here in the months before that! I need help!

Ted and Jack: But you don't have a job! So you have time!

Ted: And I have to save My Career.

Jack: And I have to work.

Ted and Jack: And you are taking a year off! So you have time! Ta ta!


  1. Tell Primo to repeat after me:

    "No" is a complete sentence.

    Unfortunately, people from abusive families are often trained from a young age to Justify, Argue, Defend, and Explain (JADE), and those are the exact responses that abusers rely on to manipulate people into doing what they want. When it's an abusive relationship, the most effective response is to withdraw and refuse to respond.

    1. Oh! I didn't know that, but it makes so much sense. I keep asking him why he doesn't just ignore Ted. It has been very easy for me to cut Ted out of my life. :)

  2. No good deed goes unpunished. And even if Primo is the one to implement the details of getting it done all 3 of them needed to be an united front in telling Sly what was going to happen. While it's too bad that Primo has had to take all of this on I believe that there is a reason he was the one to be available when all of this occurred. And in the end Primo will be glad that he was there when his parents needed him (even if the outcome is not the one you would hope/wish for).

    1. Welllllllll......... This has not been a pleasant process and this certainly was not our intention when we agreed for us to forgo a year of his income.

  3. This is an easy one: Help or shut up!

    Seen it, done it, surfed it.

    1. Bobble, preach. I have so wanted to interfere and email Ted to tell him to shut the hell up.


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