Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In which Ted sends Primo an email - while we are on vacation - demanding to have a conference call about the will and the trust because he is ticked off that Sly left him out of the will and the trust and thinks he can bully Primo into changing the terms or something

Primo: Ted wrote today that he, Jack, and I need to have a conference call. 

Me: About what?

Primo: I don't know.

Me: But you're on vacation.

Primo: I know. Ted wants to run things.

Me: OK. But just because he wants a call does not mean you have to take it.

Primo: He can email me a list of things he wants to talk about.

Me: And then you can talk about them during the funeral weekend.

Primo: Ted says that weekend should be reserved for mourning.

Me: Ted is a jerk.


  1. Yes, of course let's conference call now because that's how you handle legal issues and any changes can immediately go into effect.
    As I think about Sly's will it actually was pretty equitable. Primo gets about half which as the only child of Sly and Doris is not unreasonable. The grandchildren are treated the same (no favoritism). The other sons, while not be getting anything out right, now have potential financial burdens lifted that will allow them to make different/better plans for their own retirement/futures. All recipients have some type of reasonable restrictions on the use of the money so it will not all be frittered away immediately. While not well received this isn't really that bad at all.

    1. Exactly! Primo has the power to change the terms of the will and the trust and will do so because you want it to be!

  2. "No problem, I completely understand your feelings about appropriate timing. I am currently on vacation, so this time is reserved for vacationing and I will deal with all other matters when I return."

    - AC

    1. Love that! I need you to write scripts for Primo!

  3. Yes, Cat!
    Primo has not had time to mourn his mother's passing yet, he's been busy helping Sly with his mounting health crises.
    Ted - too bad, so sad...It will have to wait until after the funeral.

  4. "Ted says that weekend should be reserved for mourning."

    Ted says a lot of things, most of which should be ignored. I mean, the more he demands, the less I'd want to even pee on him if he were on fire.

    This is why certain family members only have my Google Voice number. They can leave messages, and if it's ever anything important, I'll call them right back. (Hint: it's never anything important.)

  5. Ted is a category all to himself. He's inTEDsitive.
    I bet you've heard more from Ted since Sly's passing than you have in the past ten years.

  6. Ok but whyyyy does Primo even read these emails??? If he is on vacation then he should just not log in. Seriously Primo. You're dumber than I thought. You are also a sucker for attention and drama!!!

  7. Please remember you are talking about my husband and be kind in your comments. I know this is anonymous, but you are talking about real people.


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