Saturday, March 5, 2016

In which we learn that Ted has been financially irresponsible for decades

Primo: I found a bunch of correspondence between my parents and Ted from 20 years ago.

Me: Why am I not surprised?

Primo: My dad was really angry.

Me: Why?

Primo: This was in a "Ted" folder - printed out emails.

Me: They moved that stuff to Florida?

Primo: They had a metal file box of all their check registers since the 70s.

Me: Oh good grief.

Primo: So my dad kept track of stuff with Ted. He had co-signed for a credit card for Ted after Ted lost his job.

Me: Why?

Primo: Because Ted had really bad credit.

Me: Oh man. I would never dream of asking my parents to co-sign on a credit card. But then, I would never have bad credit. If you are middle class and well educated with a decent job and health insurance, you have no reason to have bad credit except financial mismanagement. You are living beyond your means. Even if you lose your job, you should not be plunged into penury. You don't live at your means, ever - you save in case you lose your job.

Primo: So my dad co-signed and then Ted and Ted'sWife had like a six thousand dollar bill at Dean and Delucca.

Me: How did your dad know? Wait? They were broke and had bad credit and thought that shopping at at a gourmet food store was a good idea?

Primo: You know Ted. He deserves the good stuff. He got the bills.

Me: Was he paying the bills? Because even though he was the co-signer, it wasn't his business how Ted spends his money.

Primo: Somehow, Ted got the credit limit raised from a thousand or two to six thousand.

Me: Without your dad's agreement?

Primo: Yes.

Me: OK I am on your dad's side on this. And you know that's a big deal. Ted is a jerk.

Primo: And he has not changed. He still lives beyond his means. Even back then, he was complaining about having to sell his frequent flier miles. He was that broke, but he was shopping at Dean and Delucca?


  1. Well, perhaps now we know part of why Sly didn't leave anything to Ted. He probably felt like he had already given him plenty. (and didn't he fund a business for Jack?) it seems like Primo is the only son to have acted like an adult about money. Perhaps for all his faults, Sly saw that... belated vindication?

    1. Except remember that the only reason Primo got anything was by accident - he was the secondary beneficiary on Sly's IRA. Sly had no intention of leaving anything to Primo except a hassle.

  2. Hmmm...Sly bailed out Ted and Jack in their adult lives, although he wouldn't pay for their schooling. I seem to remember Sly paid for Primo's that was supposed to make it all equitable? And yet, in an earlier version of the will, Sly was going to give Jack & Ted some $$ - but not Primo?
    Do you think Sly was punishing Primo for marrying you?

    1. I would, except Sly hadn't made any changes to his will since 2005, which was when I met Primo. I am sure he wanted to, but he was too busy watching porn.

    2. And so Sly was just a colossal, vicious jerk.

  3. Not surprised at the ingrained nature of Ted's living far beyond his means. No wonder he's putting the pressure on Primo - he senses the end to the gravy train!


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