Friday, April 1, 2016

In which Primo and I argue about what of his parents' junk we are going to keep (i.e., none of it vs all of it)

Me: Let's get rid of those walking sticks.

Primo: No! They were a gift for my mom's 25 years of service to blah blah blah.

Me: So?

Primo: But my mom!

Me: I guess I can use them to stake tomato plants.

Primo: Noooo!

Me: Then for what?

Primo: For hiking! They are hiking sticks!

Me: And when is the last time you hiked?

Primo: You said you would maybe go hiking.

Me: I lied. And if I do do it, I want "leisurely stroll," not "need a stick to climb."

Primo: You don't want to go on that hike like we did on Point Reyes again?

Me: Nope.

Primo: But it was beautiful!

Me: So you were going to take the sticks on the plane to California?

Primo: I dunno.

Me: Could we please stop accumulating junk?


  1. Are those the really nice walking sticks where you can unscrew the top of the grip and lock your camera down?

  2. Keep one as a memento...drop the second off at the VA, or wherever else someone who has had a traumatic injury and is recovering could use it. Primo gets his thing to remind him of mom, you get slightly less junk, and something good comes of this whole mess. ( The cockroach can go straight to hell...where it would probably survive. Nasty little thing)


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