Saturday, April 2, 2016

In which Primo is shocked, shocked at my ability to find a company that provides the services he would need and that would give him no reason to keep the reel to reel recorder

Primo: Look! You can't even see all the stuff in the living room now. Not if you look from this angle.

Me: The mission is to have it all gone by Christmas.

Primo: Christmas! I wanted to relax!

Me: That is one month from now. Thirty minutes a day is 15 hours. There is no reason not to be done with that in 15 hours.

Primo: But it's so much!

Me: Primo. You can get rid of that stuff. You should at least be able to get rid of 90% of it and put the rest in the basement to be done later.

Primo: But I already spent months going through things in Florida! This is the reduction! This is what's left after 90% is gone!

Me: You mean the reel to reel tape recorder made the ten percent?

Primo: Well. There are also tapes my parents made of Nancy and me when we were little. That's why I have it.

Me: OK. Then we will get those tapes transferred to CD. That is important stuff. We had cassettes my dad made for us kids when he was in Vietnam. He would tell us stories and read books to us. My brother and sister and I recorded over them.

Primo: You didn't do it right!

Me: Nope. We recorded the American Top Forty on them.

Primo: Not doing it right.

Me: Anyhow. Yes. The reel to reel tapes. You can get those transferred.

Primo: Probably not. There is not anyone who does that sort of thing.

Me [three seconds later]: "Whether it’s old family 8mm film, 16mm industrial film, Beta, VHS, 8mm video, 3/4” or mini DV tapes, technology is making all of these obsolete. M** Media Transfer & Duplication can solve your technology related audio or video problems by converting any of these outdated formats into digital files and optical discs."

Primo: What?

Me: Yeah. No excuses. They're right here in town. Get the tapes transferred and get rid of the recorder. It's. Junk.

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  1. Sometimes they really don't appreciate when we help and when we're right, do they? (you are doing it right AND you're being a saint AND supportive to a grieving spouse - it must be so hard for both of you!)


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