Sunday, July 31, 2016

In which Primo doesn't want to get rid of the (stinky) perfume that Doris liked (do alcoholics lose their sense of smell? I know smokers do)

Me: Can we get rid of this perfume? You were going to give it to your mom and you never did. Even though I said you should just put it in the mail to her.

Primo: I like that perfume!

Me: I don't wear perfume and even if I did, I would not wear that.

Primo: Maybe I should save it for my next wife.

Me: May. Be.


  1. See, now that's kind of sweet. He's obviously worried that you'll run out of material for this blog and wants to make sure that there's always a fresh supply.

  2. Ha! That totally sounds like a conversation between me and my husband. Except that I also might have made the comment about saving it for the next wife. Or his gf.

    (I have zero worries. We have a fight and I ask if we're getting divorced now and he says no, not for 30 or 40 years. Also that coping with me is as much woman as he can handle and the penalty for having two women is having to deal with 2 women. lol.)

    - AC


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