Sunday, July 31, 2016

In which Primo the engineer completely misses the point of the story, which is not an accurate recounting of the dates he was in California but rather joy that he might go back to his old job

Remember how Primo said that the reason he couldn't get rid of the old manuals from his old job - the job he quit in October 2014 - was that he might return to that job?

Which shut my mouth because HALLELUJAH would there be a happier ending for me than Primo returning to his old job, i.e., the job where he works at home and hence does not need a car which would mean we would not have to buy a second car and the job that pays a Silicon Valley salary even though we are in a place considerably less expensive than Silicon Valley.

I was 'appy.

We went for a walk. We stopped by my friend Danette's house to deliver the copy of Rowing Without Oars that I had accidentally had sent to my house rather than to my mom's. I had gotten the book from the library and liked it so much that I ordered one of those one penny copies from where you pay one cent for the book and $3.99 for the shipping, which is fine, for my mom, only I entered the addresses wrong and had my mom as the bill to rather than the ship to.

Rather than go to the PO myself to mail the copy that came to me, I just ordered another one penny copy for my mom and decided to give this copy to Danette, who loves to read as much as I do.

While we were at Danette's, we chatted, as one does.

Danette: Primo, when are you going back to work?

Primo: I don't know. I am really busy with the campaign.

Me: But he might be able to go back to his old job!

Danette: Oh?

Me: A few weeks ago, he went to California to see his stepdaughters and the new baby.

Primo: It wasn't a few weeks ago!

Me: What?

Primo: It was in February! That is way more than a few weeks!

Me: So what?

Primo: You are telling it wrong.

Me: The point of the story is that you had lunch with your former co-workers and they were telling you about open jobs.

Primo: It wasn't a few weeks ago. It was longer than that.

Me: Danette, do you see what I have to deal with every single day?


  1. I feel ya, fellow WoE.

    I showed mine this post; he wants to know exactly how long it was before he can make a ruling as to whether your shorthand of "a few weeks" was fair. WHICH IS NOT WHAT I ASKED HIM. So... yeah.

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