Saturday, August 6, 2016

In which Primo continues to bring The Sexy with his musings that he might clean out the old newspapers in his office

Being in Primo's office stresses me out because it is full of stuff. Stuff on the desk (including the Leaning Tower of Visa), stuff stacked on the narrow ledges of the bookshelves in the tiny spaces left over from the books, stuff in piles on the floor. Every time I walk in there, Primo panics and says, "Don't touch anything!" which is hard to do when there is STUFF ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

It's a Pre-Hoarder environment.

When I was in there last week and cranky about something - oh - there was STUFF all over the guest room  as well, including stacked on my filing box, so I could not get to my filing, I suggested that Primo get rid of the 24" stack of old newspapers that he had been accumulating for years.

He got all panicky and said he couldn't make a decision about that NOW because THERE WAS TOO MUCH GOING ON and I countered with It is possible to make a yes or no decision ANY TIME and KEEPING OLD NEWSPAPERS IS NOT A PRIORITY and he got mad and told me it was his office and his business, which is true, but when his office spills into the rest of the house, then it is my business.

I also informed him that when he drops dead, I am throwing away EVERYTHING and not looking at any of it to see if maybe possibly it should be saved.

That was a week ago.

Last night, Primo came downstairs.

Primo: Maybe this weekend I will get rid of those old newspapers in my office.


Primo: I keep thinking I will read them - I saved them for political articles.

Me: But you haven't been reading them.

Primo: No. And I am thinking I never will.

Me: And if you really want to read old news, you could always go online.

Primo: Yes.

And then I smiled and kept my mouth shut because when you win, you don't want to spoil the moment.

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  1. I know just how you feel. while my guy is not quite as bad ... there is no horizontal surface in our home that does not have piles of "must haves" on it and no small space that is not stuffed with bags of some sort. someday it will ALL go straight in the trash and I will heave a sigh of relief. I could invite you to join my party...


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