Sunday, August 14, 2016

In which Betsy moves out without leaving the keys and so what? Keith and I say - it just gets charged against her deposit

I just talked to Keith. Betsy left last night in a rage. She did not leave the keys, as required by the lease. Instead, she left a note saying, "I return the keys when I get the deposit."

The lease clearly states that the keys must be returned upon moveout or there is a $35 charge against the deposit.

"I couldn't sleep," Keith said. "So at 3 a.m., I rekeyed the lock. She won't be able to get back in."

"So it doesn't matter if she returns the key. And you can charge her for it."

"Yep. And I've been cleaning since then."

"There's not seven hours worth of cleaning!" I said.

He groaned. "I was cleaning the sinks and the tub and the drains are all backed up with their hair."

"Oh gross," I said.

Oh - and she did not leave a new mailing address. Just a phone number.


  1. Makes it difficult to return whatever is left of the depozit. I hereby declare you a Summa cum lauded grad of the Ted School.

  2. I hope he got a big enough deposit!

    And I'm sure you told him this, GD, but he should try to contact her and MAIL her a check for the remainder (assuming there's anything left). I would not allow her to pick it up. I would also only text her, not pick up when she called, because I would want a record of the conversation between us.

    1. I need to start posting in real time. You guys give great advice!

  3. I gave up on renters when my neighbors called and said the tenants had chickens on my pool lanai. I sold the house shortly thereafter!


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