Saturday, August 20, 2016

In which my mom knows that Primo is the one who took the booze back downstairs after we excavated

"That's my son in law," she said. "The bottles are lined up neatly with the clear liquids on the left and the opaque liquids on the right."

The three bottles bunched up at the far end were placed there my mom, not Primo. Just in case it's not obvious.


  1. Since the bottles are not by size within liquid type are they alphabetical?

  2. Libby, curiously, that is not one of Primo's things. I had to alphabetize his CDs because it was making me crazy to see such disorder.

    1. I'm alphabetical and size depending on the item. My husband used to line up his pens/pencils by length at work. and of course everything is right angles and straight lines.

    2. You have just described my college boyfriend. Shockingly, he is now an electrical engineering professor.

  3. I have a photo of my Chemical Engineer friend straightening the rows of chairs at the Hugo Awards before we opened the doors (we were ushers). Even after I told her to stop being an Engineer.

    "But they aren't lined up right!"


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