Monday, August 15, 2016

In which Primo and I go to my (second? third? once removed?) cousin's wedding and the leftovers are fabulous

The cousin I met at my great-uncle's funeral - Amber - got married and she invited Primo and me.

It was fun and fabulous and my great-aunt, who is 94 years old, looked elegant and lovely and she was as sharp as a tack.

We got to meet other cousins. We had a ton of fun.

As we were leaving, I noticed there were untouched pieces of wedding cake on our table. I joked with my dad's cousin Jim (who is Amber's uncle) that I should wrap the cake and take it home - that that is The Way of Our People.

He rushed to get me some paper napkins.

I had been joking, but after he went through all that effort, I had to take the cake.

I did!

I wrapped it and brought it home and put something on facebook about how My People Do Not Waste.

To which my cousin, Amber, replied, "Hey! WE HAD TO-GO CONTAINERS FOR THE CAKE!"

I. Love. My. People.


  1. Reminds me of a wedding years ago - 108 degrees on a boat in Baltimore Harbor, champagne flowing, but Husband doesn't drink champagne. Hot, hot, hot. When we got to the "after party" at the Bride's home, Husband was dying for a beer. Bride's sister says, "Why didn't you get any from the keg on the boat?" Sometimes we just don't give enough credit to thoughtful brides!

    1. When my sister got married she had a half keg of a very popular local microbrew beer, complete with someone to serve it. We couldn't figure out why nobody was drinking any beer until one of my dad's friends asked how much it cost. It took a surprising amount to convince everyone that it was already paid for and they could drink as much as they wanted. We still had tons left afterward though. Mom and I tried many unusual and ultimately disgusting recipes involving beer until we gave up.

  2. "... my dad's cousin Jim, who is Amber's uncle..."

    Maybe I can help you with the cousin-thing. Your dad and Jim are cousins (presumably first cousins). Therefore, you and Jim are first cousins once removed. If Jim has children, they are second cousins to you.

    If one of Amber's parents is also a first cousin to your dad, then you and Amber are second cousins.

    Hope that helps.

    1. What are my nieces and nephews kids called? Does it matter if they are by Marriage (in-laws?)

    2. They would be relationship by marriage or my cousin's cousin. But really if you are all close enough to consider each other family everyone is just a cousin.

    3. Great-nieces and great-nephews.


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