Saturday, October 31, 2015

In which Primo annoys me greatly

Primo has been back from Florida for two and a half hours and I am already ready to shoot him.

"I have to be annoying to you!" he says. "I can't be annoying to anyone else."

"I suggest you be annoying to the people who are causing the stress in your life," I retorted, "and not to the ones who are being nice to you and working so you can have time off."

"You don't want to be nice to my father!" he said.

Well of course not.

"What if it were your mom who was sick?" he asked.

"I would not be able to take months to take care of her!"

"Then who would?"

"My brother and sister would help and my mom has a huge network of people who would help her. That's what happens when you are nice to people and do nice things for them - they will do nice things for you."

"My parents didn't build a network," Primo said.

"Then I guess they don't get help."

"That's why I have to help. I am stuck."

"You don't have to do as much as you do."

"But Jack won't do it right!"


"But he won't. You need to be nice to my dad."

"I have not been mean to him. But I don't trust him."

"You want some grand apology."

"It would be nice. It would be nice if he would say to you, 'I know I have been a complete asshole and I don't deserve for you to be this nice to me. I appreciate it.'"

"He's not going to say that."

"Yeah. I know."


  1. Actions. Have. Consequences.

    Sly's actions were to be alienating and rude. The consequences of those actions are that you are cordial to him ,but not warm and friendly.

    Primo is lucky you're willing to let him spend this much time doing Sly's care and bidding at all.

    Also, Primo needs to learn that just because people don't do things his way doesn't mean they're doing things WRONG. Different =/= wrong by definition.

    1. Yeah, either you accept that there are other ways to do it or you do it all yourself!

  2. Oh Primo. Grow up!!!!! Why didnt u ever tell ur parents to be nice to ur wife????


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