Sunday, October 25, 2015

In which we have a fight because I was being a bitch

Last night, I started a fight with Primo and I shouldn't have. I hate hate hate being in Sly's house and sleeping in the miserable guest room. I am exhausted because I have not slept well all week, thinking about how I have to be here, and I did not sleep well last night because the bed in the guest room is crummy and one of the cats hurled himself at the door repeatedly because he was lonely and wanted to be in with us.

I was cranky and Primo wanted me to be nice to Sly and even though I feel bad for Sly in his situation, he is still a mean person.

Me: I do not want to be here. I hate it here. I hate being at your mom and dad's house. I do not want to visit him again.

Primo: My dad is sick! Be nice to him!

Me: I have already been through a sick father. I have already done this. He has never been nice to me. Why should I be nice to him?

Primo: Then be nice to me. My mom's funeral is tomorrow. Be nice to me.

Well what do you say to that but, "You are right. I am wrong. I am sorry."


  1. Sometimes there's no choice but to be the bigger person. A hard time for you all ... even Ted.

    1. Primo has had to be the bigger person a lot!

  2. I hear throwing cheese helps... :)

    1. Anon, we need to keep a stockpile of dedicated Throwing Cheese!


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