Saturday, November 21, 2015

In which I remember there is a companion cat to the Ceramic Cat of Many Colors

Primo and I are going on vacation, the vacation we thought we would have to cancel. I am sad for Primo that he has lost both parents in such a short time, but am relieved that perhaps the main reason Primo and I fight is now non existent. Literally.

I remembered that when I was at Sly and Doris' for Doris' funeral, I noticed this on the mantel (and who has a fireplace IN FLORIDA?).

It is the companion Cat of Many Colors to Primo's Cat of Many Colors, the present we got for Christmas last year.

Primo also informed me that Sly and Doris bought themselves a companion Cast-Iron Cat. So those of you out there who have said you want a Cast-Iron Cat of your own, maybe we should have some kind of contest for the one at Sly and Doris'. What do you think?


  1. I can't believe it hasn't been included in the itemized list of the estate the was requested. ��

    1. *snort* But seriously I actually like the thing. I'm weird I know.

  2. I love the Cat of Many Colors! My two kitties would really like a new friend :-)

  3. I love the cat of many colours too!

  4. As the oldest, certainly Ted should have it?

  5. That cat would be nothing without the flowery doodad behind it, which matches all its colors perfectly. Don't you dare break up that combo!

  6. I gladly surrender my option to anyone who would like it. 8•P

    - AC

  7. I could use a new door stop. The cast iron cat can replace my daughter's soccer trophy. But you must keep the cat of many colors. Name them Sly and Doris.

  8. Definitely the cats should be named Sly (the big one) and Doris (the multicoloured one).


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