Monday, November 16, 2015

In which Ted sends an email to Stephanie telling her that Sly "adored" her, which is a big fat joke, because even on his deathbed, Sly was mocking Stephanie

Ha. I thought I would have no more material once Sly and Doris died, but in the past 24 hours, I have gotten

1. Ted spent two hours and one minute on the phone with Primo, talking about the will, which I am pretty sure was about making sure Ted got what he thought he deserved

2. I spoke to Stephanie for half an hour. Ted had sent everyone but me a tribute to Sly. Stephanie, being a gracious soul and mindful that Ted is her children's uncle, emailed back that that was a nice tribute.

Ted responded, saying how much Sly had loved Stephanie and how Stephanie had earned that love.

Which was the point that both Stephanie and I burst into loud laughter.

"He hated you! He hated me!" I said.

"I know!" she laughed. "But what do you say to that? I just wrote back and said that Sly and Doris were like another father and mother to me."

"You are so full of it," I told her.

"I know," she said.

"Send me those emails."

"I will."

As soon as she does, I will share them with you.

Also - is it necessary to "earn" love? Is it even possible? How is it done? I would like to know.

3. Ted wants to publish Sly's obituary before the end of the week.

Today is Monday. Primo is leaving Florida on Wednesday. He and I are going on vacation on Saturday. The funeral is not for almost three weeks.

What on earth is the rush, Ted?

It is causing stress for Primo. I reminded him that he does not have to accept Ted's phone calls.

There is a part of me - a big part of me - that is very happy that Primo is fiercely loyal and caretaking of the people he loves. It makes me pretty sure he would not abandon me if I got sick. However - I wish he would show just a little less tolerance for people who frustrate. Just don't deal with them is my motto. It's not like he needs Ted any more.


  1. On his deathbed?! I can't even.
    I'm glad Stephanie can laugh about this insanity with you.
    I don't think it's possible (not sure if it is even desirable) to try to earn the love of hostile and judgmental people. And those people don't seem to feel any pressure to earn anyone else's love, do they? (See my first comment.) hmmm maybe it really means "you have earned my love ON MY OWN TERMS, which changes whenever I want!"

    1. I love Stephanie. We are a support group for each other.

  2. I do hope that vacation went well. Stephanie sounds like a wonderful friend and person.

  3. Love is given, approval is earned.
    Considering how he treated Doris, I'm not sure how Sly understood the meaning of "love." But he sure knew the A-Zs about controlling people and withholding approval.

  4. Earned love. . . eyeroll. I know you will both be relieved when the will is through probate and all is settled. Then you can block Ted's number (gleefully).

    1. Yes! I will totally block Ted! Actually, I did years ago.


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