Thursday, December 24, 2015

In which I admit that I, too, could be a Very Greedy Person, but only for Nice Things

I want to comment further on something I mentioned. I talked about how greedy Ted and Ted's Wife were being about taking stuff from Sly and Doris' house and how the only things Primo and I want are the Good Knives, the Scrabble game, a nutcracker, the big ziplocks, and the silver.

This is not because I am morally superior and have lost the craving for Nice Things.

I want Nice Things. I want this bag in every color. I want most of these shoes. I want this bag, only with longer handles, although if I had this bag, I would have People to do the things in my life that need hands, like carrying groceries or opening car doors.

I did not walk out of that house empty handed because I am A Better Person.

I walked out empty handed because Sly and Doris had horrible taste and bought cheap stuff.

My main beef with Ted and Ted's Wife is their rude, greedy behavior but my second beef with them is why they would want any of that stuff in the first place. Honestly. Greedy AND bad taste?


  1. Greed knows no taste. I am amazed sometimes at how valuable some "art" is.

  2. This is the problem I am anticipating with DH's grandmother. She collects tacky, cheap, poorlade crap and then expects us to want to inherit it.


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