Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In which Primo and I take C1 to get her claws trimmed and the vet gives up because C1 DOES NOT LIKE THAT

Which is why it was such a miracle that Nadine was able to trim C1's claws.

Note the leather gauntlets on the vet tech. Completely necessary.

Added: Our cat in the mask our vet had to snap onto her. She, too, does not like to be at the vet, although she will let Primo cut her nails.


  1. Clearly Nadine is a cat whisperer. and it's nice to know that for every Ted in the world there is a Nadine.

    1. The Nadines of this world go a long way to making up for the Teds! You are right!

  2. We had a cat once who might have had "666" tattooed on her somewhere under the fur. Psychocat was her unofficial name. Anyway, one time she went for a checkup and saw the new vet at the office. He tried everything but she was not going to cooperate. As a last-ditch effort he put a muzzle on her and the little darlin' had that thing off in a flash and sank her teeth into the vet's arm. Vet tech assisted with the catectomy and while he was bandaging his arm he announced that she was obviously in fine shape and please take her home now. Poor guy.


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