Friday, January 29, 2016

In which I want Primo to tell Ted and Ted'sWife to go to heck, not for the first time, and we think we have found a way to get them to Shut. Up.

Me: I cannot believe you went all the way to [Big City Near Us By Train] and did not bring me a treat!

Primo: I'm not doing it right!

Me: It was our anniversary! You could have gotten me some chocolate!

Primo: But you always say we have enough chocolate in the house already!

Me: Are you human?

Primo: I'm sorry. It was right before I left that I got that email from Ted'sWife.

Me: And?

Primo: It's starting again. They want to drain the trust. They want to get all the money for themselves!

Me: That's what it seems like.

Primo: They are going to be like they were with the plane tickets.

Me: If only there were a way to deal with them.

Primo: What do you mean?

Me: I mean you do not have to let Ted bully you. You don't have to talk to him. You have the power. He doesn't.

Primo: Yeah, you're right.

Me: What did Sam say? [Sam had come to BCNUBT unexpectedly yesterday, which is why Primo took the train to see him.]

Primo: He and Sly's lawyer agree that the money should not be used to reimburse past expenses.

Me: Nope. So what are you going to do?

Primo: Well I can't just resign! I want to make sure Michael and Maria and their student loans. I can't be sure Sly's lawyer would do it right.

[You can take the man out of engineering, but you cannot take the control freak engineer out of the man.]

Me: But -- you could tell Ted that you have not even set up the trusts yet and are not ready to discuss anything and to leave you the hell alone.

Primo: I could. But they are being polite so far.

Me: OK. So you say all that politely and when - not if - they get nasty again, you tell them you are not going to discuss it and that you are going to block their phone calls and their emails.

Primo: I could.

Me: Plus there is the issue of Ted'sSon's social security money. [He has a disability that qualifies him for social security.] You are not a lawyer. You do not know how to disburse that money and ensure he still gets his social security benefits.

Primo: You're right!

Me: So you could say - calmly - that it is in Ted'sSon's best interests that a lawyer be his trustee and that you will resign as trustee as soon as you have set the trust up. That you do not have the legal qualifications to do it properly and you don't want there to be any legal problems.

Primo: They can't argue with that.

Me: Nope.


  1. I hope Ted doesn't volunteer to be the trustee.

  2. I'm afraid they will try to argue with this, but it's so reasonable Primo should do it.

  3. Primo has to stop worrying about what Ted thinks of him. Ted doesn't care he just wants the money. And absolutely about the trust. If the trust isn't set up properly the son could lose his social security completely and it is a nightmare to try to get it back assuming you even can.


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