Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ch 1 Saturday I ask Primo why his parents don’t like Stephanie because she seems pretty nice to me

Me: What is your parents’ problem was with Stephanie? She’s nice!

Primo: They’re critical about everyone. And my dad is an intellectual snob. He thinks Stephanie is uncultured.

Me: Don’t forget that she’s fat! Your dad thinks she is so fat. Why does he even care what she weighs? Why does that matter? I think she is very cute and she is very nice and your niece and nephew seem like really nice kids.

Primo: He’s a lot fatter than she is. Stephanie is not 100 pounds overweight. But all he can do is complain about her weight and lack of sophistication.

Me: She’s nice. She’s gracious. She’s welcoming. That matters more than whether she has a PhD.

Primo: Not to my dad.

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